Legacy Fitness

Legacy Fitness opened just this February! It is a wellness center in Gahanna, OH that helps people facilitate mind, body and soul wellness. Legacy Fitness has an open gym, group fitness, personal training, nutrition counseling, and MEAL PREPPING. What?! I am building meal plans for people and we will have a full service kitchen prepping meals for people to take home and heat up for the week!

Want nutrition counseling? Help with your diet, achieving balance, finding joy in food - come visit! Or shoot me an email at jessicakwetzel@gmail.com.

Dietitian in your Kitchen

I also am contracted through Dietitian in your Kitchen. With DIYK, I participate in employee wellness programs, educating workers in their workplace! This takes shape in the form of wellness fairs, lunch and learns, seminars, and even counseling. Please let me know if you are interested in this service!